Empowering women a challenge in 2022?

Number 3 has always proved to be special for me, so today’s interview. 

But why women empowerment and interviews? What is the reason to get the women person next door recognized? How does it make any difference?

Well, the reason is simple and everlasting. Yes, I mean it.

I interview people especially women with a simple thought in my mind, learning. 

Learnings. The experiences of a person and understanding of their struggles, combined with their positive approach to looking at situations, go way beyond any other theoretical teachings.

The conversation that I have with the women guest about empowering women, and the insights they share, is different with every guest.

And so are the learnings.

At the end of every interview, I get a new perspective of thinking about women, their life experiences, the hidden inner beauty, that they hide within, because of dramatic situations that happened, all of these cannot be learned by going through Google, or Youtube Videos.

According to the research article published by researchgate.net, it is stated that ” Interviewing as an approach to studying phenomena related to self-regulated learning is the focus of this article. Three studies are presented that illustrate different interviewing approaches (unstructured, in-depth; structured; and semistructured) used to explore students’ and teachers’ perceptions of their experiences of learning and schooling.”

Hi, welcome back to my 3rd interview for my platform, digitalbuy – Create Your Own Space, dedicated to all the bloggers and startup businesses who want to promote their products and services. 

Digitalbuy – Create your own Space.

Today’s pride is again a strong woman who is a successful homemaker, a beautiful mother, and an inspiring professional., with whom we shall be discussing more women empowerment, how as a woman, she has faced the world and started creating her own identity.

Empowering Women a Challenge?

Ms. Soniya Kakkar, With loads of feathers of golden touch that she has on her hat, is an inspiration for the women around her.

A graduate of army background, there is no wonder that she is quite a disciplined and well-managed person.

Ms. Soniya settled in Bokaro Steel City after her marriage to the known hotelier Mr. Sanjay Kakkar.  

Soon after that, her life turns her into a new beautiful phase of motherhood

Today she owns herself a well nurtured and responsible children named Prayrak and Prateek.

Mr. Prayrak, the name itself, says a lot about his personality is undergoing his master’s in hotel management from Leed University, UK, and working in the same space.

Mr. Prateek is a business management graduate from Christ College and is working in a Startup.

Coming to Ms. Soniyas Professional achievements, she has the Pan India start unit named Simply Soniya, a known brand for Hi-Fashion Ladies Apparel and Footwear in Bokaro.

Not just this, being a President of JCI Bokaro is yet another achievement she has gained for herself just because of her caliber and dedication. 

Ms. Soniya is a power-packed woman of today, having known for her delicious cooking and baking skills, for which she is cards of all her friends and family.

In this video interview, I could successfully cover her journey towards her success, her startup, and the challenges a woman face in a business setup.

Also, how did she manage to get her business to gain success digitally is tremendous.

Watch the full interview video to know in detail about Ms. Soniya and her experiences.

I will assure to get to you such more inspiring stories in my next blog.

Till then, check out my upcoming blog interview which was done live on Instagram.

Take Care, and Create your Own Space.

Lakshmi Mishra  – Founder, Digitalbuy.

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