What’s Your Probability of a Successful Business?

There are many ways to create, apply and evaluate the rules of a successful business.

You must have a rule for a successful business model, but have you ever wondered or thought 

What is the probability of success to your rule? = ???

= 50 : 50

= 70 : 30

= 30 : 70

or 100%

  • According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA, roughly 70 % of all new businesses survive for the first 2 years. 

  • Beyond that, the chances of success fall to about 50% at five years.

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Whatever your rule of a successful business is, we cannot ignore the fact that every business at a given stage has faced failures and drawbacks.

According to The HARTFORD, a; leading property and Casualty Insurance Company, there are 4 stages of business growth, Startup, Growth, Maturity, Decline.


And as the famous quote goes, every failure is the stepping stone to success. 


The idea or a plan combined with action implemented with proper research and strategy, and a combination of experiences to give away to the prospects, is what makes every successful business work.

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Having said that, what if I tell you the key to very simple steps that every successful business model, has followed and implemented.


And, don’t forget that with these simple and effective rules, the chance of success is 100%.


1. The idea that can make a strong impression in the audience’s mind and create a sense of urgency to buy.


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2. Create a sense of urgency before the market makes a choice, grabbing them in a smooth, hassle-free way.


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3. An automated system that is easily affordable.


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4. Fewer expenses, which is equal to a competitive price, which is equal to more sales, at the endpoint.


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This model is applicable for all the business setups, online or offline, a product or a service providing company.


These simple steps are the “0” Probability rule for failure, for any business model.


Let me know if you agree to the same or not.





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