Praise the Priority than a Corporate Comeback. Sounds good?

Praise the Priority than a Corporate Come back. How and what would you suggest?

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Ah, She Has Made A Comeback In Her Career!


Great To See You Back After Your Maternity Break!


You Need Some Rest And Not Work, You Just Brought A Baby Into The World. Take A Break!


Career Is Not Important For You Right Now, Change Your Priorities, Take Care Of Your Family And Children, You Got Everything Served On Your Platter!


So, What If You Are Educated, You Can Think About Your Passion And Dreams Later. Let Them Be In The Back Seat!



Can You Relate To Any Of These Lines To Yourself? Or Have You Heard Of Such Lines Being Said To Any Women?

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Praise the Priority


How Often Have You Heard About The Above-Said Lines?

Praise the Priority

You Have Just Become A Father, You Deserve A Pause, Change Your Priorities!


A Father Has Mental Pressure, Which Cannot Be Expressed Or Shared, There Are Tons Of Thoughts That Get Into The Mind Of A New Father, Why Not Take A Career Break!


We Are Here To Support You, Your Family, And Your Staff Has Always Been Supportive And Present For You, Give Yourself A Break And Enjoy The Moment With Your New Family!


Corporates Have Become More Flexible Today, With Work-From-Home Options And Paternity Leaves, Take Your Time And Come Back, Buddy!



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Prise the Priority


I Would Say, Every Human has Change According To The Different Phases Of Their Lives, Learn, Gain Experience And Evolve.


And There Is Always A Moment In Life When Everybody’s Priorities At One Time Take A Back Seat And Change. And This Is For Both Men And Women.

If A Couple Gets Married And Enters Their New Phase Of Life, It’s For Both Of Them.

If The Couple, Is Expecting Career Growth, It’s Going To Affect Both Of Them, Not Only One.

If There Is A Change In The Shift Timing In A Corporate Job Or A Change In The Work Location In A Government Job, It Affects Both Of Them.

If The Couple, Expecting Their Child, The Change Is For Both, And They Will Both Together Make A New Start In Their Next Stage Of Life. 


Then, Why Is It That Women, Need To Take A Back Step, Take A Break, And Come Back?

Of Course, It’s Women Who Undergo, Physical And Mental Transpose, Complete Swap In Lifestyles, ups, And Down In Hormones Pre And Post-Pregnancy, The Pains, The Feeding Of A Newborn Baby Everything.

But For Us, Often Forget, That Women Become, Even More, Powerful Within Themselves, With Every Pain That She Takes.


We Forget That With The Completely New Life That She Experiences, She Is Capable Of Handle Many Situations In One Go.


With A Baby In Her Hand, She Can Cope With Other Things To Have A Good Time Balance, Which Makes Her Capable Of Handling And Understanding Time Management.


We Forget, That With Every Care She Takes For Every Tiny Thing That She Does, She Has Become Even More Patient, And A Keen Observer.


From Day One, She Becomes A Mother, Has Become A Role Model For The Baby, And Has Become A Good Planner.


The Woman, Now Has Been Understood And Learning, More About Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, And Other Organic Alternatives Available For The Baby And The Family And Turned Into A Data Analyst.


All These And Many More Experiences, She Has Been Gaining Are Her Experiences, In Her Break For A Comeback? Or Should I Say Paid Priorities?



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All That Is Important To A Woman, At This Time, Is A Check, That She Is Comfortable, A Space That She Needs, Support To Uplift Her Mood, And A Bit Of Financial Advice, To Plan Properly.


According To The Article, Published In Times Of India (TOI), On August 22, 2021, On Paternity Leaves, It Well Explained How The Benefits Of Paternity Leaves, That Are Allocated For Men, Who Have Become Fathers, Is Hardly Being Utilized.


The Reasons Are, Stereotypes, The Unexplained Norms That Men Don’t Need A Break, And No Role Models In History, Who Says A Father Has Taken Leave, To Welcome A Baby To The World.


In Very Recent Times, The Man Behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Officially Departed From His Work When He Became A Father, And This Became A Sensation.


Mothers, Who Have Taken Long Breaks, In Their Careers, Have Shown Exceptional Results And Left A Mark For Others To Reach. This Itself Proves, That Women Are Blessed And Are Powerful, And Don’t Necessarily Need A Break To Balance Their Work-Life And New Personal Life.


To Quote A Few, Ms. Mary Kom It’s Never Too Late, The Great Indian Wrestler, She Has Proved After Her Comeback Or A Break, That If You Want To Achieve Something, It’s Never Too Late.


Ms. Avani Chaturvedi, The Warrior Of The Sky, Witnessed A Long List Of Chess And The Willingness To Continue, That The Sky Is Not The Limit.


Ms. Indra Nooyi, Who Does Not Know Her, Is The Person Behind The Success Of Pepsi And Is Now The Proud Board Member Of Amazon.


All These Women Had A Major Break In Their Careers, Still Gave Stunning Results After Their Comeback. And Therefore, I Say It’s Not A Break Or A Comeback That’s Apt To Salute The Efforts Of A Woman, It Can Be Interchanged To Praise The Priority.



And To Witness This, I Was Overwhelmed, To Host My Interview With One Such Powerful Woman, Of Today Mrs. Sushma, Who Was Working In ITES Firm, then to an IT firm, Achieved Success, And Then Paused To Praise The Priorities Of Her Life, And Then Now She Is In Her Current Job With Her Ex – Employer Oracle.


During This Time, Sushma Has Not Just Become More Mature, And Powerful Physically, But Also Gained Confidence In Herself, Handling New Roles Of Life, And Also Giving Shape To Her Passion And Hobby Of Writing.



Ms. Sushma, Is A Proud Mother Of Two, Setting Examples For Her Next Generation And Society, That No Woman Should Discourage Herself, Or Hold Herself, To Realize Their Dreams. And Thanks To The Era Of Digitalization, We Got Ample Opportunities, Which Need No Break From Our Careers Anymore.


Women Are Born Bosses And Can Reflect In Every Assignment Handled By Them, Professionally And Personally.


Content Writing Is One Such Thing, That Happened To Sushma, Wherein She Can Find Relief In Her Mind, For Her Passion And Dreams.


Her Advice, To Women Of Today, Is To Accept Womanhood, Wholeheartedly And Encourage Yourself To Take Action.


More About M. Sushma, And Her Story Is Live In The Video.


If You Agree, Or Disagree, With This Video, Do Let Us Know Your Thoughts, In The Comments Below, And Let Us Grow More.


Signing Off For Today, Till My Next Interview With A New Story And New Learning – Lakshmi Mishra.


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