Natural vs. Organic vs. Clean Skincare

As an outgoing woman, and a keen observer in cosmetics, I usually try out almost all the new products that come in the market, added advantage is my normal skin type, I get to try many different products.

But, With the varieties of “Natural” and “Organic” products coming into the market, everyday beauty companies have made us lost in bundles of options.

It not only confuses us with which product to choose from but also gives us half information about these products. This being said, how do we choose what’s good and best for us, based on our skin type?

So, before we get into the discussion of Organic Vs. Natural Vs. Clean, let’s have a brief understanding of our skin type.

Skin Types :

Normal Skin

Dry Skin

Oily Skin

Combination Skin

Normal Skin :

Almost all men and women would want to hear that their skin comes under this category. Because of the obvious reason that normal skin is a well-balanced skin type that is nor dry nor oily. All you need to drink a good quantity of water, to keep your skin hydrated, and you are done. With this skin type, the glow comes naturally, and it’s just for the sake of self-satisfaction, that we prefer using cosmetic products.

Dry Skin :

People with this skin type are blessings for cosmetic brands, simply because companies can come up with new alternatives to capture the market. More care is required for dry skin repairment and nourishment. The products like buttercream moisturizers are made with different fruits that give a creamy texture and help the skin to be hydrated and allow to get rid of the dullness, tightness, roughness, and redness. All that dry skin men and women need are cleansers, moisturizers, and many essential oils. Oils and buttercreams keep your skin more balanced and nourished. Especially in winters, dry skin needs more attention and requires to go for a change in products as it tends to break a lot.


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Oily Skin :

All that we can say about this skin type is oily skin = acne-prone skin and blemishes. The cosmetic brand companies focus more and more on acne products as they have a huge market for these products. Due to the excess oils present in the oily skin, it attracts many impurities which results in dull skin with many dead cells. And therefore it requires lots of attention throughout the year.


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Combination Skin:

This skin type comes with many advantages and disadvantages. With the change in the season, the skin makes its adjustment and repairs itself. With a good amount of water intake, it’s almost very easy to maintain healthy glowing skin all the seasons.



Natural Skincare Products:

These skincare products are made with natural products and
toxic-free ingredients. Natural products are more in demand because of their name “Natural” which is added to it for the sake of marketing tactics, which may or may not be authentic. Natural skincare products are good to use, but they can have side effects therefore it is always advisable to try these products before using them for a long time.


Organic Skincare Products:

These skincare products are made from natural products that are produced organically without mixing or using any pesticides or chemicals and artificial fertilizers. Because organic products are produced taking care of each minute ingredient that is used, the cost of these products is high compared to natural and clean products. The ingredients used should be 95% organic-based only then it can be labeled as an organic product. Organic products are safe to use and completely toxic-free, which also results in giving effective results.

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Clean Skincare Products:

These skincare products are safe to use as they are also toxic-free, but are made with synthetic ingredients that are safe for skin. Clean skincare products have a huge demand as they are available at less price when compared to organic and natural products. Clean skincare products also go through lab tests and are made sure the products are safe to use on human skin.

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